Above Ground Swimming Pools & Outdoor Pools Coffs Harbour


Choosing the right above-ground pool can be confusing. With so many
pools available online now, it can be difficult to tell which is quality and
which is not. That is where Coast Life can help.


Having constructed hundreds of above-ground pools, we are experts
in knowing which pools are value for money and which ones should be

The experts in above-ground and semi-inground pools

Above-ground pools are simple to put up, right? Wrong.

Many people think that an above-ground pool is a DIY option that can be
knocked up in a weekend. Unfortunately, this is not correct. A quality above-ground

 pool requires expertise and experience to be properly constructed.
Indeed, many manufacturers will not honour warranties based on peoples
attempts to construct an above-ground pool on their own.

Looking for an above ground pool with a deck?

Having constructed hundreds of above-ground pools, we can help. Our
experts can put up your pool and give you the peace of mind that comes
with knowing that the job has been done right and your pool will give your
family enjoyment for years to come.



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